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Luxury Coworking Space, Co-Optim, Partners with CHANEL to Help Entrepreneurs Get Boardroom-Ready

Chicago’s only luxury coworking space, Co-Optim proudly partners with CHANEL at Bloomingdale’s to empower Co-Optim members by boosting the self-confidence needed to make a positive first impression and become boardroom-ready! 

Chicago, IL - Co-Optim, the only luxury coworking space in Chicago, is partnering with CHANEL at Bloomingdale’s to offer Co-Optim members a unique way to elevate their self-confidence and get boardroom-ready at the Co-Optim West Loop location.

Co-Optim is known for attention to detail with its 20,000 sq. ft.  custom designed multi-faceted coworking space in the West Loop. In addition to personal-touch service and custom signage, Co-Optim is proud to offer its members yet another way to project a polished and sophisticated image during client/vendor meetings. Starting this May, CHANEL fragrances will be available exclusively for Co-Optim members to enhance their personal image and boost self-confidence. Co-Optim members may choose from two fragrances; ALLURE HOMME SPORT and CHANEL NO. 5 L’EAU, or CHANEL LA CRÈME MAIN hand moisturizer.

“I’m excited to work with Co-Optim because I want to connect with successful and hard-working professionals in Chicago,” said Liz Monroe, Manager at CHANEL at Bloomingdale’s. “I think first impressions are so important because it communicates what you are about before you get to know someone. I look forward to helping business professionals find their signature scent to leave a lasting impression this summer.” 

As businesses grow, companies look for coworking spaces that are an extension of their brand to not only be productive, but also entertain clients within a relaxed yet stylish and professional setting. Five Chicago entrepreneurs and professionals: Caitlin Patton, founder of Sophisticaition; Sany Nguyen, Events’ Host, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer of Sany. Delight;  Isaac Bowen, creator of the app, Locksmith for Shopify; Johanna Grange, co-founder of Oak Street Social;  and Felton Kizer, founder of Off-Kilter Magazine, helped to kick-off the Co-Optim and CHANEL at Bloomingdale’s partnership at a recent photoshoot – photos attached. 

“I love coworking ... I’m totally enamored by this space, Co-Optim. Our size and staff are warranting it,” Grange said, “I love how affordable it is for young companies to collaborate and also be in a chic space for clients.”

There will be an invite-only launch party on June 14th from 6-8 pm at Co-Optim West Loop: 550 W Washington Blvd. to celebrate the partnership. Guests will learn how to get Summer Ready, Boardroom Ready with a presentation from CHANEL. The event will include summer bites from The Publican and floral displays from Ode á la ROSE. 

“We’re always looking for ways to make business easier for our clients and help them make a great and lasting first impression.” Amanda Elliott, Co-Optim Marketing Coordinator, said. “This partnership with CHANEL is a great alignment of the comfortable luxury that Co-Optim provides its members.”

For more information about Co-Optim, or partnership ideas, visit, or contact Amanda Elliott at (616) 581-4410 or by email at

About Co-Optim

Co-Optim is the only luxury coworking space providing individual private offices coupled with high-end amenities and networking events. Co-Optim promotes wellness and growth in the workplace through aesthetics and convenience, where brilliance and creativity flow freely. #WorkHappy

Images from the shoot, Summer Ready, Boardroom Ready shot by Abe Lopez, founder of The Fort Co. Photography

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