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The Manhattan Moment

We all have that moment when we come upon something beautiful that takes our breath away. For some it may be family milestones, seeing hard work finally come into fruition, and for others it may be a work of art that stops you in your tracks.

In 1909, people from far and wide had this very moment when they laid their eyes upon the newly built and long awaited Manhattan Bridge. From that celebratory day in 1909 to our present day in 2017, people from all over can appreciate what hard work and an eye for skillfully crafted design can look like when fused together.

When Joseph Nicola artist, Joseph Elias rounded a corner while strolling through the cobblestone Brooklyn streets, he was awestruck at the sight that lay ahead. From behind the lofty building, the massive Manhattan Bridge appeared as if out of thin air and stopped Joseph in his tracks as he experienced his own Manhattan Moment.

“It’s the emotion you remember most,” Joseph said as he reflected on that significant day. “Turning the street corner in Brooklyn and happening upon the view of the bridge, in that moment I felt something that moved me so powerfully that I had to share it with the world.”

Manhattan became more than just a moment for Joseph, but would eventually become the piece used for our most popular board room at Co-Optim Deer Park. Inside the space you will find custom and one-of-a-kind artwork that will excite your inspiration and creativity.

Ignited by his inspiration, Joseph began sketching and conceptualizing to bring his vision to life.

The result is an impressive work of art and functional piece that sparks fascination and wonderment among viewers. The Manhattan Table by Joseph Nicola is crafted of solid white oak with illuminated polished stainless-steel base and glass top. This breathtaking piece features more than 100 individually designed pieces that are assembled by hand.

Accompanying this magnificent table, is the iconic floor to ceiling photo of the exact view Joseph saw of the iconic bridge in between two red brick buildings along Washington Street.

According to NY Facts, “The elaborate grand entry to the bridge on the Manhattan side was part of the “City Beautiful” movement.” From the very beginning the bridge was meant to be strikingly captivating. Naturally, our Manhattan Board Room creates an environment where people can come work in a creative setting, be inspired, engage in great conversations, and get their best work done.

Co-Optim’s Manhattan Boardroom is an everyday reminder to its members that inspiration is not just a feeling. When put into action, inspiration can change the lives of many — it can stop people in their tracks to gaze upon a masterpiece, and it can encourage others to work hard and light the spark to what sets their dreams on fire.

Moments may come and go, but the emotions in those moments become like clay. Molding into imprints that press onto our lives to make a lasting impression. The next time you find yourself in that kind of moment in your life, take the time to stop.

Breathe it all in and turn your inspiration and emotions into action as you start to see your best work unfold before you.

Tell us your story of inspiration and the moment that brought it all together in the comments below.

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