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    Ways Coworking Can Boost Your Business

    Want to hear some cool statistics?64% of coworkers are better able to complete tasks on time68% said they were able to focus better while coworking91% have better interactions with others after coworking90% said they felt more confident when coworking50% report higher incomesPretty neat, huh? There are so many positive influences on people who decide to cowork, it’s no wonder they’re so successful! Check out the top reasons why we believe this to be true.People Who Use Coworking Spaces…1.   Read More...

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    5 Benefits of Coworking Members Enjoy

    Coworking spaces have become a worldwide trend in the last decade. They provide their members with outstanding services and amenities that craft an environment to motivate and inspire them.  Check out our list of the top benefits of coworking.1.   Read More...

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    5 West Loop Area Attractions

    Chicago's West Loop has become a hotspot for entrepreneurship, boutiques, bars, concert venues, cool gyms, and more. From music festivals to trending gyms, each location is only few miles from Co-Optim’s new location off of Washington St. Check out some of our favorite must-visit attractions below. 1.   Read More...

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    The Manhattan Moment

    We all have that moment when we come upon something beautiful that takes our breath away. For some it may be family milestones, seeing hard work finally come into fruition, and for others it may be a work of art that stops you in your tracks.In 1909, people from far and wide had this very moment when they laid their eyes upon the newly built and long awaited Manhattan Bridge. From that celebratory day in 1909 to our present day in 2017, people from all over can appreciate what hard work and an e...  Read More...

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    5 Reasons a Well-Designed Workspace is the Key to Success

    Most Americans spend over 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime. That’s nearly a quarter of your life—which is why a well-designed workspace is so important. When your workspace is somewhere you want to be instead of somewhere you have to be, you’re more successful.   Read More...

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    Co-Optim West Loop Location To Open September 2017

    The first and only luxury shared office and coworking space, Co-Optim, is expanding by opening its second location in West Loop Chicago.CHICAGO, Illinois – Co-Optim, the first and only luxury shared office and coworking space, announces the September opening of its West Loop location. The West Loop is Co-Optim’s second location, exemplifying the increased demand for this brand’s luxury coworking and designer shared office space.Co-Optim West Loop will be located at 550 W. Washi...  Read More...

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    Co-Optim Deer Park Now Accepting Members to Join Its Network

    Affordable luxury shared office and coworking space Co-Optim is now accepting members at its flagship location established in Deer Park, Illinois. Co-Optim is now accepting memberships for its flagship location at 21660 Field Parkway. The innovative coworking space provides affordable luxury private offices and a range of workspace memberships to fit the needs of any business, professional or organization. Prospective members can visit Co-Optim.com or call (847) 957-1447 to become a member ...  Read More...

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